About Us

The mission of High Performance Computing Consortium (HPCNY) is to bring together the collective expertise and resources of New York’s top universities, advanced computing centers, and economic growth centers to help businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes solve their business, technology, and R&D needs. In particular, HPCNY offers several forms of support, including:

  • Provide high-performance computing resources and support to businesses and academic institutions throughout New York State in a cost-conscious manner. With access to our high-speed networks and high-performance platforms, industrial entities and research groups are better able to make scientific breakthroughs and solve difficult challenges to bring more advanced technologies to market.
  • Provide education, outreach and training in simulation-based engineering science. In addition to other resources, HPCNY also offers web-based tutorial and training sessions as well as user support.

HPCNY is a partnership between NYSERNet and world-renown supercomputing centers in New York State. Our goal is to foster economic development and help New York businesses and research organizations gain a competitive advantage by providing cost-effective advanced computing resources and world-class expertise.
HPCNY is funded by the Empire State Development Division of Science, Technology & Innovation (NYSTAR) as part of their mission to foster economic development in New York State.