Big Data Research at Stony Brook Gets Big Boost with NSF Funding for Computer Cluster

A major new grant from the National Science Foundation will provide funding for state-of-the-art computing resources at Stony Brook University.  Leadership for the project is Principal Investigator Professor Robert Harrison of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and Director of the Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS), and co-Principal Investigator Professor Yuefan Deng, Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

The award is for $1.4M from NSF with $300K match being applied internally and $300K match being awarded from NYSTAR to purchase and operate, for at least four years, a highly-reconfigurable computer system (SeaWulf2). This highly-extensible system will seed an institutional approach to research computing that will provide great cost savings across SBU, and will increase overall quality and functionality of the research cyber infrastructure. The system will deliver a roughly 50-fold increase in capability over the aged original SeaWulf cluster.

Seawulf2 is a ~4,500 core cluster consisting of 156 compute nodes with a peak performance of ~150 Teraflops. Each node is equipped with 128 gigabytes of memory and interconnected via a 40 Gbps network link. Additionally, there are 8 GPU nodes, with 16 Nvidia K80 GPUs and 64 gigabytes of memory. The 40 Gbps interconnects also attach the nodes to a half-Petabyte shared storage array running the GPFS file system.

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