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HPCNY Touted For Making Manufacturers More Competitive

Ed Reinfurt cited in a recent FuzeHub blog post that HPCNY was highlighted in the opening panel at the most recent Advanced Computing for Competitiveness Forum hosted by The U.S. Council on Competitiveness, a highly-respected organization that emphasizes the importance of technology leadership to success in the global marketplace. This event, which was held on April 13 at the New …


Corning Turns to HPCNY for Advanced Simulation Expertise

In Corning’s red-hot glass melting tanks in 1890, a team of two craftsman could blow two glass ‘bulb envelopes’ per minute; in 1925 one of those glassblowers, William Woods, invented the ‘Ribbon Machine,’ which poured a ribbon of molten glass down a chain with holes opening into molds, increasing the manufacturing rate fivefold. With early runs of 400,000 bulbs per …


Sentient Science Wins Two SBIR Awards

Sentient Science had a great year in 2016. In addition to growing their commercial account bookings by 107%, the Buffalo-based company won two Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants, expanded its operations to Europe and China, and grew its internal workforce from 29 to 64 employees. Sentient Science supports what GE and others now call the Industrial Internet. Since 2001, …


Stony Brook Helps Eos Energy Storage Improve Battery Performance

Using computational models to study the processes that occur in batteries, Stony Brook University adapted models developed to study the onset of dendritic transition to the Eos battery system. This allowed them to examine processes and mechanisms in these batteries to create operating maps and strategies and improve the battery. “The computer modeling results have allowed Eos to find optimal …


IBM and RPI CCI Case Study Released

No company can match both the storied history of International Business Machines and its reputation for leading edge technology innovation. In addition to manufacturing and selling hardware, software, and middleware, IBM is a major research organization, holding the record for the most patents generated by a business for each of the past 23 years. Leveraging the high performance computing expertise …

Video describing High Performance Computing Consortium

Announcing the HPCNY Video

We are excited to present the new video featuring the HPCNY Consortium Members describing what being part of HPCNY means. Show your support by liking our video in YouTube.

Keynote Talks at the COMSOL Conference 2016 Boston

If you would like to see firsthand how experts from industry and academia are using multiphysics modeling to innovate, be sure to attend the keynote talks at the COMSOL Conference 2016 Boston. After each talk, you have the opportunity to connect with the speaker and ask questions about their presentation. The Keynote session also features sneak previews of future versions …

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DENDRITES! You’re surrounded!

DENDRITES! You’re surrounded! It’s likely happened to just about everyone, but now it’s happening to me. So it’s extra important.  My cell phone’s lithium-ion battery is dying quickly and I am jumping from charging station to charging station.  I estimate the age of the battery to be about 3 years old, and I guess that’s a good long life.  But …

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How to use HPCNY to Solve your Problem

HPC-NY is New York State’s High Performance Computing Consortium.  HPC-NY provides businesses with world class computing and expertise.  Watch our video on how to get started. Video Link

BlackRidge Technology Extends Identity-Based Network Security to Cloud Infrastructure and IBM Mainframes

Today at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference BlackRidge Technology announced advances in identity-based network security protection and that it received Ready for IBM Security Intelligence for z Systems validation. BlackRidge Technology’s new product release now secures cloud infrastructure and IBM z Systems™ from advanced cyber security threats, and it integrates with Microsoft Active Directory® integration to automate the provisioning of …

Wind Energy

Buffalo-based Sentient Science wins prestigious Bloomberg new energy award

Fast-growing Sentient Science is putting another prestigious notch on its belt Monday when it accepts a New Energy Pioneer award from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Sentient was one of ten companies to accept the award in Manhattan in front of national media outlets, investors and other business and political stakeholders. The annual award recognizes companies that are driving change in …


HPCNY University at Buffalo Fosters Industrial Innovations with Apps

As technology evolves, the demand for devices with greater features and functionality emerges. Of course, this means that the designs themselves become more intricate and complex. Simulation offers an efficient route to analyzing and optimizing such devices, prompting further industrial innovation along the way. Today, we’ll take a look at how a team from University of Buffalo designed multiphysics models …