High Performance Computing Consortium Simulation-based engineering, Technology solutions

RPI has been able to employ its own expertise in modeling and simulation to address a wide array of the engineering issues that crop up routinely at the forefront of semiconductor manufacturing research. The insights that come out of this the RPI/IBM collaboration are put to use in IBM’s research and manufacturing facilities on an ongoing basis. Some of the questions that have been looked at impact manufacturing at several different scales: leading edge lithography, alignment issues in memory and logic devices, and reliability in packaging.

VADER Systems

HPC-NY WebAdmin Metal 3D printing

By collaborating with UB, VADER Systems has access to the expertise and state-of-the-art computational electromagnetic and fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling capabilities that are needed to simulate the LMJP process and enable rational design of the Vader Systems 3D printer. The results generated to date include simulations of magnetohydrodynamic-based droplet ejection, aerodynamics and cooling of droplets in-flight to the substrate, droplet …

Goulds Pumps

HPC-NY WebAdmin Industrial pump design and manufacturing

With support through New York’s HPCNY and CCI, Rensselaer computational scientists worked closely with Goulds Pumps’ engineers to adopt more accurate methods and streamline its overall modeling process. ITT Goulds Pumps has been manufacturing high quality pumps for industry for over 160 years, beginning with metal-banded wooden pumps in 1848, and the world’s first all-metal pump in 1849. A New …