Danielle Belser Simulation-based engineering, Technology solutions

Xerox Corporation, headquartered in Norwalk, CT, and with a major research center in Webster, NY, is a multimillion dollar global Fortune 500 corporation best known for the invention of the photocopy machine. Over the last 50+ years Xerox’s research centers have yielded game-changing technologies like the laser printer, copy machine, computer mouse, the computer graphical user interface (GUI), and Ethernet. …


Danielle Belser Energy, Renewable Energy Systems

Econoburn, headquartered in Brocton, NY, is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of gasification wood boilers. These renewable green energy systems provide businesses and homeowners with an all-natural heating system that is the cleanest and most cost effective way to burn wood. Since its introduction in the US marketplace in 1976, the downdraft wood burning technology known as …


High Performance Computing Consortium Energy, Industrial Gases

Praxair, Inc., headquartered in Danbury, CT, and with offices in Tonawanda, NY, is one of the largest industrial gases companies in the world. Gases produced by Praxair are used in a variety of industries including health care, electronics, energy and various manufacturing sectors.

VADER Systems

HPC-NY WebAdmin Metal 3D printing

By collaborating with UB, VADER Systems has access to the expertise and state-of-the-art computational electromagnetic and fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling capabilities that are needed to simulate the LMJP process and enable rational design of the Vader Systems 3D printer. The results generated to date include simulations of magnetohydrodynamic-based droplet ejection, aerodynamics and cooling of droplets in-flight to the substrate, droplet …

Reaction Engineering International

HPC-NY WebAdmin Environment & Defense

REI is using UB CCR resources to validate a cloud-based simulation-optimization framework for shaped-charge well completion. Designing cost-effective shaped-charges can significantly increase the yield of a give well (20-50%), thereby generating additional revenue for the petroleum industry and better utilizing the country’s natural resources. This collaboration has allowed for support of engineers and developers performing the research. One of the …

Sentient Science

HPC-NY WebAdmin Prognostic technology and services

Sentient Science, recent winner of the prestigious White House Tibbetts award, specializes in commercial tools and services to help manufacturers and operators of rotating equipment predict and extend their products’ life and performance. By running thousands of computer simulations on the UB CCR’s industrial HPC cluster, Sentient Science is able to rapidly calculate the point in time when critical components …