The challenges advanced manufacturing companies face against global competitors require detailed insight into design feasibility and efficiency across the entire product lifecycle.

This challenge is faced in many industries, and across organizations of all shapes and sizes. HPCNY has positively impacted organizations from manufacturing startup companies to mature enterprises.

The diverse sectors of companies HPCNY has leveraged its vast resources for include those in advanced manufacturing, healthcare/pharma, semiconductor, engineering services, multimedia entertainment, software development, big data, as well as microfluidics, biotech, energy and automotive.

In each of these industries, we have/can assist with:

  • Industry Outreach
  • New Research Initiatives
  • Product Design
  • Process Improvement

We can also work with your organization on your own high performance computing goals, such as:

  • New HPC System Acquistions
  • User Support & Education
  • Custom Software Development

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