Janya’s Semantex and HPCNY Power Text Mining

Janya, a Western New York language technology company, provides semantic analysis tools and solutions to extract critical information from unstructured and semi-structured data, creating actionable intelligence. Their customers use the tool’s multilingual semantic processing capabilities to discover hidden knowledge within their existing information stores.

The tools are based on a state-of-the-art hybrid of machine learning and linguistic technologies. Janya staff used HPCNY resources at University at Buffalo’s Center for Computational Research to discover how their tools can most effectively make use of massively parallel computing to accelerate and improve text and sentiment mining in key areas such as health and medical operations, health research, and industrial research.

The new parallelization capability was made part of Janya’s recent release. Additionally, based on work carried out under HPCNY, Janya has expanded their product offering to include software as a service. This enables Janya to serve a greater range of customers, including businesses that want to perform data mining, but lack the capital for HPC equipment to support it.