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Work in close collaboration with HPCNY computational scientists and engineers to develop and execute multiple simulation workflows concurrently across high-bandwidth networks and high-performance clusters. HPCNY utilizes the latest techniques to optimize your company’s processes.

Utilize the powerful simulation capabilities available to HPCNY partners all across the state of New York to get your product ready for market faster and with more confidence. In addition, our experienced scientists and researchers are well-versed in the most recent breakthroughs and innovations in manufacturing and engineering, and they’re here to help you apply that knowledge to your organization’s benefit.

We would not be able to commercialize our technology; especially at the rate and effectiveness we have, without the University of Buffalo CCR. We are now supporting over 6000 wind turbines on a 24 hour basis, simulating the remaining useful life of their gearbox drive systems using the CCR. Ward Thomas, President & CEO, Sentient Science

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