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Explore new ideas in applied science and engineering with the vast array of HPCNY experts in scientific computations, visualizations, bioinformatics, advanced data analytics, computer animations, combined with the inter-disciplinary scientists and engineers at member institutions.

Your business or organization will become more competitive with budget-conscious access to the same high-performance computing resources utilized by large enterprises and research institutions to model complex designs and behaviors.

The complex operational behavior of Pliant’s Energy’s highly non-linear mechanical systems can only be modeled with state-of-the-art software and massive processing power normally only available to academia or large businesses. Pliant Energy’s first generator for the Office of Naval Research cleared proof-of-concept with the invaluable aid of HPCNY and SCOREC at Rensselaer, sponsored by
NYSTAR.”Benjamin Pietro Filardo, Chief Technologist, Pliant Energy Systems

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